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As the only seamless fusion of master agency and managed services provider, Venicom’s partner program is one of a kind. With unparalleled industry expertise, decades of experience, and deeply entrenched carrier relationships, Venicom partners receive a level of knowledge and support that no other partner program can provide.

The vast service landscape available through Venicom simply can’t be found with other master agencies. Among those services, partners have the opportunity to offer Venicom managed IT services as well as a full portfolio of wireless solutions. Phones, tablets, hotspots, and much more are available to Venicom partners in support of their customers across all major wireless carriers in the U.S.

What is a master agent?

A master agent is an organization contracted with telecom providers to facilitate business on their behalf. Venicom takes a unique approach to this business model by placing its focus on customer and partner advocacy. Though partners may elect to have direct interaction with a carrier or vendor, Venicom support and expertise is always available when needed.

Venicom is engaged with all leading carriers in the industry, giving partners a competitive edge in the marketplace. Further, this knowledge and expertise is not limited to domestic providers. Venicom has extensive experience working internationally.

Why partner with Venicom?

We have been recognized across the industry for our professionalism, attention to detail, workflow, automation, and back-office support.
We bring a process-oriented approach to channel sales. Our partners enjoy a regimented, systems-driven experience.
Every member of the Venicom team has decades of experience working with industry carriers and is dedicated to your success.
Our online portal allows our partners to easily place orders, check installation progress, contact the back office team, check commissions schedules and amounts, and more.
When orders need escalating or customer issues need addressing, we are your advocate with the large carriers.
We supply technology expertise where needed, helping you provide a tailored experience for your customers.

We know you will see a discernible difference in your bottom line working with Venicom – from the first phone call you have with us. If you’re ready to take your sales to the next level, contact Venicom today.

See how we’ve proven ourselves over the years.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Venicom for the past year. They are a valued partner and have always strived to get the best products, services, and price for their customers. Venicom always sets the proper expectations and does what is in the best interest of the customer. I would recommend for everyone to use Venicom as their preferred agency and to assist with all telecom and bandwidth needs.

- Dan Solomon, Manager Indirect Sales; Integra Telecom

I have had the privilege of working with Venicom for the past six years. Venicom evaluated our telecom situation and came up with a game plan that has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. I would highly recommend Venicom for any of your telecommunication needs.

- Donald D. Speen, Corporate Business Operations Director; Earnhardt's Auto Group

Venicom has been a strategic partner since 2004. Building out our enterprise and carrier infrastructure has been extremely challenging. Those challenges require a partner that understands how to combine multiple carriers and service delivery methods. Venicom is that partner and in some cases, they have known our own network capabilities better than we have. We value the expertise we receive through this relationship and recommend Venicom to anyone in need of complex network solutions.

- Daman R. Wood, Chief Operating Officer; Sparkplug

Venicom is well-versed in telecom and managing large accounts, even when serviced by multiple carriers. Venicom staffers are driven to match their client base up with the most appropriate vendor, which I have been quite impressed with. Their project management and tracking system proves an invaluable resource for their clients and vendors alike.

- Brian Worthen, CEO; Mammoth Networks

Venicom is a CenturyLink Business Partner and your resource for CenturyLink services and solutions. We are committed to working together – combining CenturyLink’s industry-leading services with Venicom’s unique consultative approach – to analyze your needs and create a cost-effective, powerful solution for your company.

- Blake Wetzel, Vice President-Sales; CenturyLink Business Partner Program

Venicom has been more than helpful in securing my company the best products and pricing for my clients. They are also very thorough in making sure that my clients’ needs are met and completed in a timely manner.

- Scott Sampson, Interwrx

I’ve personally worked with Venicom over the last four years and have found their work ethic, attention to detail, and project management to be outstanding. We have recently entered into a new business agreement with Venicom where they will be managing our entire network, and we’re very much looking forward to the stability and efficiency their company will provide.

- Chris Bambas, Sr. Technical Analyst; Southwest Network

In 2008 we decided to outsource our IT support and management needs to Venicom due to the professionalism and knowledge of the senior staff. Since signing up with these folks we have seen a reduction in the annual IT support spend, an increase in network availability and performance, as well as the elimination of all outside consultant support requirements. I would recommend them to anyone looking to outsource all or part of their IT needs.

- Mike Thul, APSM Systems

All of us here at Southwest Network have been extremely pleased with the services that Venicom has provided as well as the professionalism in which they conduct themselves. The initial cutover itself went without any issue, ongoing support has been quick to respond and resolve, and we have gained a very knowledgeable partner in assisting us with not only our current technical needs but planning for the future as well. I like the fact that anyone from my team can contact them even if it is just a simple question, issue, advice, or whatever the situation may be and know that they will get a response.

- Chet Barton, Chief Information Officer; Southwest Network

Venicom brought a high degree of expertise in helping us and our staff resolve network infrastructure issues that was essential for their assured delivery of medical services. We have known Venicom staff for over 10 years, and we have always found them to be highly effective and professional. When working with Venicom, we can always count on a successful outcome, and we highly recommend them for any information systems issue or management services.

- Jeff Tye, GMP Networks

Our business can ill-afford to be down for one minute. The manner in which Venicom’s team handled our T1 and phone lines was outstanding. I want to thank them for staying on top of everything and making it happen smoothly, efficiently, and without a hitch. We have enjoyed a relationship with Venicom for the last few years, and they’ve always been responsive to our needs.

- David C. Goodison, President & CEO; ProResponse

In my 10+ years of experience as a telecom agent, I’ve dealt with many of the same issues. Selling a deal doesn’t always mean you’ll be compensated. I have dedicated too much time to order clarifications, installation issues, compensation disputes, and more, so I spend less time running my business and succeeding.

I wanted a company that had a strong reputation and had provided proven support. I have been involved with Venicom for over two years now. Venicom has offered my company the opportunities to reach my goals and take it to the next level.

- Steven C. Posluszny, President; A.S.A.P. Communications Group